Extremely Rare Taiwanese Bitter Medicinal Mushroom Antrodia Camphorata Treats Liver Disease

Deep in the forests of Taiwan grows an extremely rare bitter medicinal mushroom by the name of Antrodia camphorata (A. camporata), which has been known in local aboriginal and cultural traditions to hold marvelous liver-protecting properties and is used for treating liver diseases.

Antrodia camphorata has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating not just liver diseases but also protecting the liver from toxins in certain foods and drugs. The unique properties of this fungus are just now being revealed as to the biochemical constituents that make it so powerful.

Scientific studies on Antrodia camphorata demonstrate health benefits for liver disease and more…

Studies done on this medicinal mushroom, Antrodia camphorata, are rare indeed, but according to a review by PY Yue, YY Wong, et al., at the Department of Biology at Hong Kong Baptist University, the pure compounds and crude extracts from this higher Basiodiomycetes mushroom have shown this fungus possesses certain functions that bring health benefits to the human body: anti-oxidant, immune-modulatory activities, anti-tumor (anti-cancer), anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hyperlipidemic qualities. Many of these factors can help a liver disease issue since many of these benefits from Antrodia camphorata overlap and promote general health.

Furthermore, recent studies have identified some active constutuents with pharmacological and biological activities, including, “polysaccharides, terpenoids, steroids, lignans, benzoquinone derivatives, benzenoids, and maleic and succinic acid derivatives. A. camphorata has been considered as a novel phytotherapeutic agent.” Liver diseases (like hepatitis) aside, it is obvious this rare medicinal mushroom–Antrodia camphorata–is a powerful fungus and is worthy of further investigation for treating toxicity and protecting the liver.

The mycelium and fruiting bodies fractionated out of Antrodia camphorata proves out that it has many novel constituents indeed, although more studies and clinical trials are needed to show just how effective these constituents can be for specific liver diseases. Be sure to check with your naturopath or specialist/physician before taking any kind of medicinal mushroom or supplements, even Antrodia camphorata.

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