Could mushrooms help with kidney and liver disease?

Cordyceps is producing promising results with kidney disease and hepatitis.  If you drink more alcohol than you think you should, consider having a shot of cordyceps!

In a study published by Jiang, J, et al, in 1995, human patients with kidney disease were told to take Cordyceps supplements.  More than half of them, or 51%, experienced dramatic improvement with their disease!

Six years later, a research project headed by Liu, Yu-Kan, et al, studied the impact on chronic hepatitis.  The results were almost mind-blowing!  Not only did cordyceps extract inhibit the progress of chronic hepatitis, but it virtually prevented the formation of scar tissue,  liver fibrogenesis and sclerosis, by inhibiting the release of transforming growth factor (TGF) and other growth factors, including procollagen I and II.

Conclusion?  If you think you are drinking a little bit more than you should, maybe a shot of cordyceps extract would be a good idea!  Your liver might thank you.  And, since the liver is one of your most important organs and plays a significant role in determining your energy level, everyone living even a remotely toxic lifestyle could benefit from incorporating cordyceps in their supplement regimen!



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