Cordyceps Mushroom Helps with Breast Cancer

Cordyceps mushroom is now being used as the primary component in the pharmaceutical drug called Cordycepin, which is being used to successfully treat breast cancer in patients.

Breast cancer is the subject of ongoing research by many medical and cancer institutes around the globe. Although the cause is not as easily identifiable in some cases, treating breast cancer with natural or alternative means, chemotherapy, or other traditional therapeutic cancer treatments is paramount to why this type of cancer is being more successfully treated than in years prior.

The good news is that the anticancer effects of the Cordyceps mushroom (one of many medicinal mushrooms with anticancer constituents) is being used to successfully treat breast cancer.

Cordycepin (Cordyceps mushroom-based drug) breaks DNA in breast cancer cells

Cordyceps mushroom may help with cancer

Cordyceps mushroom and breast cancer

A study on the nucleoside antagonist, Cordycepin (Cordyceps mushroom-based drug), shows that it causes double strand breaks in the DNA of breast cancer cells. This study, done by HJ Lee, P Burger, et al., from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich in Germany was chosen because of its anti-tumor activities.

According to the researchers, “Treatment of human breast cancer cells with cordycepin [utilizing Cordyceps mushroom] caused either apoptosis or persistent cell cycle arrest that was associated with reduced clonal growth of cordycepin-treated breast cancer cells,” while normal cells did not react to the Cordyceps mushroom-based drug.

Additionally, they claimed that in the “cordycepin-sensitive breast cancer cells, a marked induction of the DNA damage response (DDR) … could be observed. These data indicate that cordycepin, which was believed to cause cancer cell death by inhibition of RNA synthesis, induces DNA double strand breaks in breast cancer cells.”

Results show that Cordycepin (Cordyceps mushroom-based drug) has a genotoxic effect on breast cancer cells, indicating a new mechanism of cancer cell death. The details of this show how this Cordyceps mushroom-based pharmaceutical could be used to treat advanced breast cancer.

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